Shipping / Delivery / Pick up

Call  for best option, we'll figure something out . Usually I will deliver within 300 miles saving you any crating charge.  (if shipped will be in 1 crate) A loading dock on your end will make delivery easier as the crate with the 2 piece discus is well in excess of 700# .

If picked up, a full size van or Pick up truck (6' bed min.)  will work  for weight / shot put and 4 section discus, however not the 2 section discus. unless cap is removed.




Weight / Shot Put  Circle  with toe board

Two section  (with wheels)

      8' x 8'                                                                                                       $1800.00


Two sections  (with wheels)                                                                          $2600.00


      9' 4" x 9' 4"

Four sections  (without wheels)                                                                    $2600.00


     9' 4" x 9' 4"

 Folding shot put / weight Circle                $300 - $950

  This circle is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

   All that is needed is a throwing surface 8'x8' either plywood or concrete.

   Two holes drilled thru the circle outer area into the throwing surface will

   secure it from sliding or permanently fastened to your plywood platform .

  This item can be had in component form or fully

   finished.   Comes with or without toe board . Call me to discuss all the

   options. ( Discus version also available)